Hey y’all!

What are your plans October 10-13, 2017? Hopefully, they include heading to Nashville, TN for the annual Dynamics Summit! As a proud sponsor of D365UG/AXUG Summit, we're excited to share this experience with you this fall. We'll spend Summit squeezing every last bit of functionality out of the products and get you the ROI you want — and deserve.  


D365UG/AXUG Summit is THE go-to conference that brings industry experts, software development vendors, and everyday users together to discuss important issues, trends, product updates, customer pain points, and genuine solutions. The value of D365UG/AXUG Summit is endless! Here are some top reasons why you should attend:

  • Meet & Network with your user group buddies: Overcome system challenges without risking downtime for your organization by making professional connections. D365UG/AXUG Summit connects companies in like-industries and individuals by job/role, so you can grow your support network.
  • Geek out over great content: There’s no better instructor than an actual Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX user and that’s what makes Summit unique. Learn how to make the most of your current implementation through user-led education around specific functions and modules within Dynamics 365 & Dynamics AX.
  • Evaluate and test solutions: Understand third party solutions and learn what they can do for your industry or organization.
  • Serve as a voice: Speak with vendors and Microsoft representatives so they understand your product pain points and can grow your industry with their products and future development.


Ready to Register? Yeehaw! 

You can head on over to the Summit site to register. Don't forget - Advanced Pricing ends September 7th. 


Still not sure why professional development in Dynamics 365/AX is important to your success, or how Summit meets your professional goals? Or are you totally on board but your boss needs a little nudge in the pack-your-bags-you're-going-to-Nashville direction? Then these are the resources for you!