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We exist to implement your company's great ideas and we are on a mission to improve people, process, data, and technology. You can simplify your implementation, enhance the usability of Dynamics 365, and ensure quality and best practices are embedded into every facet of your project with Sunrise Solutions. We go far beyond just making technology work. We deliver real ERP, CRM, and business intelligence solutions with a proven track record of success. Put the knowledge and experience from over 20+ years in the industry and 120+ deployments to work for you.

Sunrise is in Microsoft AppSource

Sunrise is ahead of the curve. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, offering consumer brands, manufacturers, and retailers, a one-stop-shop for Microsoft cloud solutions. We were among the first partners to gain momentum towards Microsoft's cloud ERP and continue to build industry solutions to make it easier to deploy the modern platform with built-in intelligence for multi-national, multi-channel companies with complex supply chain operations. This is just the beginning for Sunrise and you'll see us continue to make investments in delivering cloud-ready industry solutions.