It's one thing if your "one size fits all" sweatpants start getting a little tight. But what happens when your business solutions start feeling pinched?

Prior to the mechanized loom, apparel manufacturing was a slow, costly business. Thanks to the industrial revolution, apparel manufacturers, retailers, and sourcing organizations are able to (mostly) keep up with a dizzying pace of change. We are in the midst of another revolution, but a technical one. Just as you wouldn't use a foot powered sewing machine to make your clothes, the time of antiquated, inflexible, monolithic business systems is over.

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The apparel industry (whether you are sourcing, manufacturing, and/or retailing) is in a constant state of flux. Whether it is keeping up with the latest "fast fashion" trend, sourcing sustainable materials, or simply ensuring that goods get to the right place at the right time, you can't be held back by monolithic, inflexible, legacy systems. Clearly, the cloud is the answer...but simply replicating as-is business practices in the cloud can lead to its own challenges. Read this interactive eBook to learn how an intelligent cloud can support the entire organization.

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