Cameron Caudill

Solutions Manager, Sunrise Technologies

Throughout my childhood I recall being taken to the shoe store once per year to get a new pair of shoes before school started. I (like most boys in elementary school) did not look forward to this trip. I have memories of sitting on the bench, trying on various pairs of shoes, and having a young sales associate walk back and forth from the sales floor to the back room to check stock and assist the selling process.

These memories resurfaced when I went to pick out a new pair of running shoes a few weeks ago.  I had to laugh at how different the buying process had become. A sales associate was able to scan items, obtain product information, and check stock without leaving my side. In the age of instant information in the hands of every consumer, retail employees must be equipped with tools to provide the best customer experience.

When I break it down further, the technology retail employees leverage must be fast, reliable, and accurate:


Retail technology should be fast

Capitalizing on having the customer in the store to make a purchase is crucial. Fast has different meanings depending on the context (and customer), but in a retail store an associate must be able to provide the customer with an answer without making the customer question what is going on. In today’s immediate economy, if the store associate wavers too long on the answer the customer may begin researching alternate stores and options from within the store!


Connectivity should be reliable

Internet access should never be the difference between making or losing a sale. I have been in many retail stores and worked with retail organizations that have stores in remote locations or have internet connectivity issues in areas of the store. The technology that retail employees utilize must be reliable. If the internet connection drops, an associate should still be able to help customers with the device in their hand.


Product, inventory and shipping information should be accurate

The importance of accurate information should never be understated. Knowing the location of an item within the store, the quantity on hand, or when the next shipment will arrive is an absolute must-have in today’s marketplace. The information provided to the customer must be accurate to meet the customer’s expectations.


Focus on what makes your brand special

Not all organizations operate the same way, and all organizations have something that makes them unique. However, retail organizations must empower their employees to drive customer satisfaction (and sales) in stores. At Sunrise we love helping our customers implement great ideas. I love helping organizations find solutions to their business problems. Please reach out with any questions—I look forward to chatting with you soon!



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