MS Copilot

AI is the next generation of business applications

Microsoft's AI Copilot is blazing the trail for the next generation of business applications. AI promises to improve productivity for every worker, and only Microsoft has the platform, security, and capabilities to reap all of AI's benefits. Working alongside the business applications you already know (and love!) Copilot helps you by summarizing meetings, generating text, creating presentations, and more.


Generative AI capabilities in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and more keep you humming along.


Quickly spot trends, generate emails, and stay proactive in Dynamics 365


Use Copilot Studio to build your own Copilot, then have conversations right from your Teams chat.


AI capabilities across the entire Microsoft ecosystem supercharge productivity while keeping your data secure.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Turn your ideas into reality with Copilot by your side. Generative AI capabilities inside the familiar Office apps you know and love make it easy for you to brainstorm, get ideas, refine your creativity, and get going. With Copilot in Microsoft 365, you can:

  • Use existing Word documents as sources for AI-generated content.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations from a single prompt; edit your presentations using natural language.
  • Summarize email threads, action items, and quickly draft replies in Outlook.
  • Get recaps of Teams meetings, neatly summarized with key discussion points and next actions.

Copilot for Dynamics 365

Meet your new teammate. AI capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Customer Service, and more make staying proactive and productive easier than ever.

  • Create marketing journeys and draft copy using natural language.
  • Draft emails to customers, using relevant data from Dynamics 365 Sales, Finance, Customer Service, and more.
  • Ask Copilot for help and reference documentation and within Dynamics 365.

Create your own Copilot

What if you could talk to your CRM? Copilot Studio elevates your systems of record into team members. Formerly Power Virtual Agents, Copilot Studio allows you to securely build your own Microsoft Copilot experience using your source material. Via natural language from conversational chatbots, you can ask questions, get answers, and gain insights.

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We're a trusted technology advisor to global organizations like A, B, and C. With an AI Readiness assessment, we'll work to understand where you want to go with AI and bring your ideas to life. If you're already a Microsoft customer we'll help you determine what's already available to you with your current licenses. Org-wide: understand your current data estate and systems, how ready are you to implement AI capabilities? Assessment helps with that, too. Reach out to us today to get started.