Business Intelligence

Drive Insights in a Matter of Weeks!

The more you know, the faster you grow. Microsoft has all the tools you need to uncover hidden insights and power innovation-- like business intelligence, artificial intelligence, IoT, and analytics. Deliberately and thoughtfully making these solutions available at all levels of the organization is the secret sauce you need to compete in the future. Sunrise can help you get from strategy to deployment, quickly, with a focus on getting important business intelligence into the hands of your users. Why start from scratch when you can work with a partner that can help you quickly put insights into action so you can outpace your competition?

Rapid Innovation

Transform your business with low-code / no-code interactive dashboards, apps, and intelligence

Mobilize data and processes

Unchain your organization from the desktop and unlock insights and streamlined processes on any device

Insights for all

Unleash role-specific visual insights and tools that empower all levels of the organization to think and act faster

One version of the truth

Improve accuracy and consistency by rethinking how data and systems are integrated for reporting and analysis

Evolve Your Business Analytics and Intelligence

You get a lot with Dynamics 365 and (and the wider intelligent cloud platform). Whether a one-off project, or baked throughout your Dynamics 365 deployment, we can help your business get smarter, faster, with insights and intelligence. Rather than start from scratch (or treating reporting as an afterthought), leverage our experience and pre-built solutions to take your analytics and intelligence journey to a whole new level. We put actionable business intelligence at the forefront of every project.

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Reporting and business intelligence is never an afterthought. It's at the forefront of what we think about going into every project, and it is built into every Sunrise 365® solution. From seeing dashboards on how your Dynamics 365 implementation is progressing, to the health of your supply chain and spotting issues in your store inventory replenishment, we can help you make the most of the Power Platform.