Dynamics 365 Security

Ransomware attacks. Malware. Phishing attempts. Bots. Cyberattacks can affect any organization, at any time. Cybersecurity threats shouldn't be understated, and cybercrimes are projected to cost a combined $10.5 trillion globally by 2025.

Older software systems, especially those hosted on-premise, are notably more vulnerable to cyberattacks. These systems often lack the robust security measures needed to protect against modern threats. In addition to on-premise vulnerabilities, organizations face risks from phishing attempts and security gaps in connected devices, which can serve as entry points for cybercriminals.

Having a solid cybersecurity strategy is vital. Dynamics 365, hosted on Azure provides a secure infrastructure to safeguard your data, your money, and your organization's reputation.


Generative AI capabilities in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and more keep you humming along.


Quickly spot trends, generate emails, and stay proactive in Dynamics 365


Use Copilot Studio to build your own Copilot, then have conversations right from your Teams chat.


AI capabilities across the entire Microsoft ecosystem supercharge productivity while keeping your data secure.

Security is the Cornerstone of Digital Transformation

Today the question is no longer, "Why move to the cloud?" Running your business on an enterprise cloud platform is the standard for simplifying operations, reducing costs, and scaling resources. Microsoft is an industry leader in cybersecurity solutions that protect your organization. By treating security as a core component of your digital transformation, you create a secure foundation that supports innovation and growth. Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Applications are designed with security at their core.

Keep Your Data Safe With Dynamics 365

Cybersecurity is not just a necessity; it’s a priority. Businesses are increasingly at risk from cyber threats that can compromise sensitive data, disrupt operations, and damage reputations. Dynamics 365 in the Azure Cloud provides a robust, secure, and intelligent solution to safeguard your business from these risks. Dynamics 365 applications offer options to configure security to protect sensitive information at every level, for every role.

Microsoft Azure: The Gold Standard for Cloud Security

Microsoft’s cloud products, including Dynamics 365, are hosted on Azure, the world’s second-largest public cloud provider. Azure operates from over 100 secure data centers worldwide and has more industry compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. Azure's security is further enhanced by the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center, staffed by over 3,500 cybersecurity experts who monitor and respond to threats around the clock.