With the introduction of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has reinvented its approach to pricing and packaging – saving you money, offering greater flexibility, and extending actionable insights across the entire organization. If you're trying to get the most bang for your budget buck, this new structure is like a ton of dynamite.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing is designed to be personalized and you can pick the combination that makes the most sense for your organization. With Dynamics 365  you can start now, start small (with just the licenses you need), and watch as it grows with you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Plans

Microsoft offers three plans to cover a wide variety of users and job functions: the Dynamics 365 Plan, the Customer Engagement Plan, and the Unified Operations Plan. The Dynamics 365 Plan and Unified Operation Plan each require a minimum of 20 full users. Additional seats may be added and removed as needed based on growth or seasonal employees. And, each plan comes with the use of PowerApps.

Dynamics 365 Plan

The Dynamics 365 Plan is by far the most cost effective plan offered by Microsoft and the most all encompassing in terms of functionality. It provides full access to all the individual applications within Dynamics 365 including Finance and Operations, Sales, Customer Service, and more. The best part is all of this functionality is included at a nominal additional cost compared to the other two plans. 

Unified Operations Plan

For those organizations who are only looking for traditional ERP functionality, the Unified Operations Plan is the way to go. This plan covers the Finance and Operations, Retail, and Talent applications, as well as offering the most flexibility in terms of user licenses. However, it is worth noting that full users, the Dynamics 365 Plan is still a better value. 

Customer Engagement Plan

The Customer Engagement Plan is for organizations or users that are just looking for traditional CRM functionality. It covers the Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service Automation applications. Both the Retail and the Talent applications can also be licensed, but they are not included in the Customer Engagement Plan. 

What About Individual Apps?

While it is possible to buy licenses to individual applications, this only makes sense in very specific use cases. Many of the individual applications are priced just slightly below that of a plan, which includes many applications. More often than not, the wiser investment is to choose a plan license. If you're curious about the nitty gritty, you can also check out Microsoft's licensing page for further details. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing: Users

While there are several different user categories, they really only come in to play for those organizations that have either the Dynamics 365 or the Unified Operations Plan. For those using a standalone Customer Engagement Plan, Full Users or Team Members are the only choices for user licenses.


Full users are...well...full users! This includes full read, edit, and approval access across every application a user has access to via his or her plan. This would include productivity users that routinely set policies and guidelines and who would spend the majority of their time at work within Dynamics 365.

It is worth noting that being a full user is plan dependent. A CEO with a Dynamics 365 Plan license will have full access to every application, whereas a VP of Customer Service who is under the Customer Engagement Plan will only have full access to the applications under that plan.


First, Activity licenses are only available for the modules that fall under the Unified Operations (ERP) Plan. For those organizations that use those modules, this makes perfect sense. While a retail operations manager would likely need a Full User license, a retail warehouse clerk only needs access to the workspaces that pertain to their job - like picking, receiving, and stocking counting. Activity licenses are designed for employees who perform transactional tasks and who are working within policies and guidelines, not making them.

Team Members and Devices

Team Member licenses may be added to any of the three plans. This license is best for infrequent users who may not need to use Dynamics 365 to fulfill the majority of their job requirements and only need limited read/write and approval functionality. As such it is also the least expensive user license.

Licensing devices in Dynamics 365 is fairly standard. A user can either be licensed to multiple devices or multiple users can have access to a single device. Device licenses are only available to organizations that have either the Dynamics 365 and/or the Unified Operations Plan. Individual users with Full or Activity licenses do not need an additional license to operate a device.

Give Your Brain a Break

Microsoft's new licensing options offer incredible flexibility, a greater opportunity to spread insights across your organization, and some serious savings potential. But...it's not exactly what you would call "straightforward." If your brain hurts from trying to mix and match across plans, users, and apps – STOP. Step away from the calculator and drop us a line. We'll figure out how to make sure you get the best deal, while you give your brain a break.


One Vendor for Industry Solutions, Support, and Billing

With the Cloud Services Provider (CSP) model, Tier 1 certified Microsoft Business Partners like us are a one-stop shop for customers who are interested in purchasing and deploying Microsoft intelligent cloud solutions like Dynamics 365, Power BI, PowerApps, and Cortana Intelligence. To put it plainly, we would be your first point of contact for help with planning, implementing, and supporting end-to-end cloud solutions with embedded industry best practices and business intelligence capabilities.

Your finance department may even throw you a party when they realize that by partnering with Microsoft and Sunrise, you'll only have to deal with one bill. Yup, just a single bill that covers all your Microsoft solutions as well as add-on industry solutions and support services provided by Sunrise. Plus, Dynamics 365 is really flexible. You can choose how you want to be billed (annually or monthly) and you're not locked into your original seat quantity. Feel free to add or remove seats as needed – it's all about what makes the most sense for your company.

Sunrise is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)