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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is complex. ERP and CRM deployments deeply affect organizations and require significant changes from employees. And they aren't cheap —  so the stakes are high.

For a successful implementation, you need structured project management, full transparency, and buy-in from users at every level of the organization. We created Sunrise 365® Quick Start to streamline Dynamics 365 projects, by combining methodology, best practices, and quantifiable progress metrics into a single solution. You can get to go-live faster, and experience your company's digital transformation sooner.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Project Management Tool


Implement Dynamics 365 "The Sunrise Way"

Hit the ground running from day one with best practices, speed, and quality—following a proven, structured implementation methodology—that will keep your Dynamics 365 project on track. Any organization with manufacturing, distribution, and/or retail operations can start with a system that is ready for solution design, see quantifiable progress along the way, and end the project with detailed business process documentation. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 “The Sunrise Way” combines robust cloud-based project management tools, change management strategies, and a rich content library of industry best practices.

Why start from scratch when you can start from a proven set of industry best practices
Leverage time-saving tools, data, mappings, configurations and methodologies
Results are in the details: ensure quality standards are met consistently

Implementation Checklist at Your Fingertips

There are thousands of ERP and CRM tasks that need to be done to implement Dynamics 365—and that’s why having them pre-loaded in our cloud-based project management software is so valuable.

  • Easily follow our proven implementation methodology and ensure quality standards are met
  • Tasks, milestones, deadlines, phases and sprints are neatly organized with daily and weekly email reminders
  • Accessible from any web browser and on the go with the mobile app
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Life Cycle Services
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Mobile Implementation Task Management App

Ensure Quality and Industry Best Practices

Why start your business transformation from scratch when your Dynamics 365 implementation can start from a base of proven industry best practices?

  • Rich content library includes process flow diagrams, pre-recorded task guides, deployment checklists and more
  • Ensure proper configuration of order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, production, warehouse, and other common retail, manufacturing, and distribution procedures
  • Reduce heavy customizations by following best practices

Simplify System Setup

We can help you save time at the start of your Dynamics 365 implementation. Since all projects start with the same routine instance setup work, we standardized common tasks—which reduces consulting service time and cost.

  • Simplify the entire process of system setup, resulting in fewer normalized files
  • Start with an instance ready for solution design with pre-configured, load-and-go datasets
  • Reduce setup, migration, testing, and validation time with mappings and intelligent instance copying
Quick Start Issue Management Tracking
Intelligent Dynamics 365 ERP CRM Implementation Reporting Software

Measure Project Health and Go Live Readiness

Embedded Power BI dashboards give everyone a task-oriented, real time, fact-based view of the project. This quantitative view means you'll always know where the project stands relative to the work remaining, the budget, and the original goals.

  • Spot bottlenecks quickly to proactively manage the project and guide the team to success
  • Monitor project health and make sure everything is on schedule
  • See actual vs. planned budget to keep project costs in control
  • Assess go-live readiness and adapt as needed
  • Improve communications and manage realistic expectations (with fewer surprises)

Effectively Manage Change for Better Outcomes

Our approach is designed to break down the fears of change and give users hands-on experience with the software, early and often, in their Dynamics 365 implementation.

  • Industry best practices serve as the basis for any change
  • Change is modeled using customer data from day one
  • End users experience early, gradual change with a sprint-driven approach
  • Project teams follow comprehensive end user training plans, capped by thorough, structured CRPs
Go Live Readiness Dashboard


Contact us today to learn more about implementing Dynamics 365 "The Sunrise Way." You'll be able to see a demo of our unique project management tools and business intelligence dashboards. Plus, you'll learn more about how our robust and structured implementation methodology can help you deploy with better communication, accountability, and transparency.

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Whether you are implementing Dynamics 365 for the first time or upgrading Microsoft Dynamics AX to the latest release, we've got your back. As an award-winning Dynamics Partner, we know what it takes to make sure you get to the end of your project with results that far exceed your expectations.