Dynamics 365

Cloud-Powered Growth Without the Cost and Complexity

Quickly and easily expand into global regions, additional channels, and new product lines without the friction of old technology. And when you deploy with our industry experience, and services, you'll have a solution that fits your business perfectly – at a tremendous value.


Manage multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-company complexity


Delight your customers from wholesale to retail and everything in between


Control your sourcing and manufacturing for tighter, faster, cost-effective operations


Everything to power your business implemented by a partner with proven industry experience
  • Global Operations




  • Unified Commerce




  • Personalized omni-channel experiences
  • Unify in-store, online, catalog, wholesale, and call center
  • See a complete view of your customers
  • Embedded retail replenishment with Sunrise 365®
dynamics 365 retail screenshots




  • Handle the complexities of a global supply chain
  • Expand into new product lines, channels, and global markets with less technology friction
  • Spot and resolve issues before they materialize
  • Sunrise 365® adds advanced supply chain functionality




  • Have it all—without all the cost and complexity
  • Easy to use in an familiar environment, helping employee adapt to change
  • Works with other Microsoft and third party solutions
  • Sunrise ensures a faster, quality Dynamics 365 implementation

This is Your Forever System

Dynamics 365 can give your business systems a fresh and consolidated approach — where one platform (with a single database) can run everything. No duplication. No integration. A single version of the truth.

Continuous cloud updates mean you'll always have the latest and greatest. Plus, Microsoft will stay relevant today, tomorrow, and decades from now.

Start where you want. Deploy what you need. And scale into additional features and named users at your own pace.

All-In-One Cloud Platform

This is more than a full-blown ERP, CRM, and POS — it's the Microsoft intelligent cloud platform with everything you need to modernize your business systems and unify operations.

Whether you've outgrown your current system, or you're ready to say goodbye to the complex, monolithic, closed business applications of the past, start your transformation with Dynamics 365 and its deep integrations to Office 365, Power BI, and the extensive Microsoft cloud portfolio.

  • Personalized mobile and web experience
  • Intuitive role-based workspaces
  • Simple user experience looks and feels like Office 365
  • Rapid time to value
  • Productive workflows
  • Access everything from one place
  • See the big picture and one version of the truth
  • Visual and interactive Power BI across workspaces
  • Actionable insights at all levels of the business
  • Connect to any cloud or on-premise data source
  • Unified platform with a common data service
  • Seamless integrations with all Microsoft applications
  • Build additional functionality with the Power Platform
  • Integrate with hundreds of applications
  • Leverage business events to enable process integrations
  • Leverage data from sensors and devices
  • Benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Ultimate flexibility and connectivity
  • Customize with a rich X++ programming language
  • Fully adaptable with 1,000+ developer extension points
  • Develop Power Apps to complement business processes
  • Manage custom workflows with Microsoft Flow
  • Mobilize any business data or process
  • Enable faster project delivery with the cloud
  • Stay current with continuous updates
  • Eliminate time-consuming, costly upgrades
  • Built on the global Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Trusted security with $1B invested per year
  • Backups, disaster recovery, and maximum up-time
  • Self-service application lifecycle management
  • Easily manage dev, test, and prod environments
  • Perform go live health checks and other diagnostics

Holistic Customer-Centric Information Flow

No matter where you are, you need a holistic view of your entire company to understand the health of everything that touches the customer — from billing to commerce, to product support and fraud protection. Rapidly evolve from reporting the past to surfacing information in real time through a unified platform. In a matter of weeks or months (instead of years), you can take traditional data out of silos and give all levels of the organization the confidence to make decisions and project the future.


Break down the silos between ERP, CRM, POS, SCM, and WMS — all while surfacing insights for employees. Accelerate business growth by capitalizing on new opportunities, simplifying your company's digital landscape, improving customer (and employee) experiences, boosting revenue, and cutting costs.

Evolve Your Business & Transform How Work is Done

Dynamics 365 can break down the silos between ERP, CRM, and Commerce to help accelerate your digital transformation to keep pace with change, exceed customer expectations, and capitalize on future opportunities. It's your all-in-one, forever system.

Sunrise is a Full-Service Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Partner

Microsoft on a mission to help every organization, achieve more with the power and flexibility of intelligent cloud applications. Sunrise is a full service partner that can help you tailor Microsoft solutions to your industry and unique business requirements.

You’ll love the benefits of Dynamics 365, no matter what role you play in your business. Here’s why:

If you’re a CEO

So long, confining systems. Hello, peace of mind! With a single platform powered by Microsoft and enabled by Sunrise, you can grow your business faster into new product lines, channels, and global markets. Start with what you need, all while making productivity and intelligence a priority. Enable all levels of the organization to uncover actionable insights, so everyone can make faster, smarter decisions.

  • One global platform for all business functions
  • Visibility and dashboards with built-in analytics
  • Flexibility to change on a dime
If You're A CFO

When every supply chain transaction or retail sale instantly ties back to the general ledger, you’ll be able to see real-time profit and loss views across all stores, locations, brands, channels, and seasons—even when you’re dealing with multiple currencies and legal entities. You’ll also save on licensing fees and long-term maintenance expenses.

  • Global, real-time dashboards
  • Consolidated across divisions
  • Pay-as-you-go
business lady CFO
If you’re a COO

Chances are, you have a lot to manage. Luckily, Dynamics 365 allows you to gain complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain. You’ll be able to manage your sourcing, production, distribution, and logistics centrally, whether you do it in-house or with a network of vendors.

You’ll also be able to identify and strengthen the weakest links of your supply chain to gain speed, reduce costs, and minimize inventory shortages and overages.

business man COO
If you’re a CIO

You’ll be able to help your organization better leverage existing investments in Microsoft technologies with a future-proofed infrastructure. You’ll also add mobile accessibility, reduce the pain of managing multiple disparate systems, and even remove yourself from the report-building equation. Phew!

  • One global platform
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved user adoption
cheerful business man CIO Microsoft Dynamics 365 leader
If you're a CMO or CSO

It's all about playing an increasingly strategic role to craft the perfect customer engagement experience across various channels and devices with the highest ROI possible. Dynamics 365 drives alignment between marketing, sales, and service to deliver a great customer experience which is essential to winning revenue and differentiating against the competition.

  • Build pipeline and revenue
  • Connect financial performance with specific investments
  • Gain business insight to make informed decisions that grow the business
If you’re an employee

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will change the way you work—for the better. You’ll be able to keep everything you do during the day in one configurable, easy-to-use workspace. And, it works beautifully with Microsoft Office 365, so you can make updates in the office, on the road, or at home on any device you like.

  • Feels like Office and Outlook
  • Embedded reporting and dashboards
  • Work from anywhere
  • Easily make system updates in Excel or mobile apps
business lady Microsoft Dynamics 365 user


You know the most cost-effective approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 means using as much of the base functionality as possible, minimizing customizations, and reducing fragile integrations. And that's good, because we agree! Based on over a decade of experience, we’ve carefully crafted an exclusive suite of solutions and services that help you hit the ground running and provide a perfect industry fit — ensuring you get the most value out of your project for a lifetime. We like to call it Sunrise 365.

Like many of our strong references, you’ll be pleased with the results.