Evolve On-Premise Systems to Cloud Microsoft Solutions

On-premise systems come in so many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's a niche industry solution that has worked well for 20+ years and is still chugging along (with or without outside support). Sometimes it's relatively new, but the functionality is already so out-of-date (and closed off...or too expensive) that it is putting the company at risk. And sometimes it is something in between! Whatever your situation, we are here to help you evaluate the hidden risks and costs of the status quo — and quantify the value of evolving your business systems.


Clearly, there are a wide variety of legacy systems out there. The one thing they all have in common is the longer they are left in place, the greater their ability to damage your legacy within your organization. The future for the on-premise systems model is uncertain and can create a number of risks that could be hurting your business. We've identified 5 you can read about here:


More than likely, if your ERP system is more than 5 years old and on-premise, it's not keeping up with the pace of change. Forward-thinking companies are mitigating these risks by evolving their business systems to the cloud.

You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft offers more control than you think — and the path forward is easy, fast, and affordable. Find out more with this free eBook.

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3 Reasons to Evolve with the Microsoft Cloud


Whether you deploy a new ERP or re-platform on the Azure cloud, you can reduce your exposure to risk (and no other platform gives you full control).


By reducing your on-premise footprint, you can ensure you're always running on the latest and greatest, with the most secure and advanced capabilities.


Accurate data, time savings, reduced expenses, greater reliability, happier customers (the list goes on)...we can help you quantify the benefits and value.

Not to mention, if replacing your ERP is just too much to bite off right now, Microsoft offers several pathways to the cloud. From analytics and business intelligence for better reporting, to artificial intelligence to improve customer insights, we can help you start small or go all in. It's a platform you can grow into, and grow with, for a lifetime.

Thinking About Evolving?

This is How Microsoft and Sunrise Can Help

All the Pieces to Run Your Business...
And a Partner That Knows Your Industry

If your current business applications are reaching end of life, it may be time to stop patching together solutions before you end up with a real monster! The intelligent cloud has everything you need to move your business forward. And Sunrise is the Microsoft Partner of the Year focused on consumer brands, manufacturers, and retailers. From supply chain to retail, we can help you evolve!

Like many of our customers, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft's entire portfolio of cloud-based business applications makes it easy to connect what matters.
Sunrise solutions and industry experience make it happen to give your business systems a perfect fit.


We know your industry. We know the Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365. And we have the industry solutions that can accelerate project delivery and reduce customizations. Contact us or watch an on-demand demo to learn more.