Dynamics 365 E Commerce


Simplify in-store retail operations with cloud POS including offline fail safes


Flexible and connected eCommerce platform can enable headless commerce


Personalize omni-channel service experiences to keep customers happy


Sunrise 365® adds smart inventory replenishment across all stores

Microsoft is The Only Vendor Who Understands Retailers

As one of the top 10 retailers in the world, with all of the omni-channel complexities that make Microsoft the major tech giant that it is, it is one of the largest users of this retail product. No other vendor can come close. Microsoft understands better than anyone what is required to put customer demands first—to not only deliver the goods, but also a great experience. And they’ve put it to the test so you know you're getting a proven solution.


Create exceptional, insightful shopping experiences for every customer with Dynamics 365 Commerce, a complete omni-channel solution. Watch the videos below to see how it can help you build a modern digital storefront that’s secured and friction-free, while meeting omnichannel demands, optimizing merchandising, and maximizing profitability.

dynamics 365 commerce retail pos

Big Picture Financial Insights

With financial process automation, planning, analysis, and control — integrated with operations in real time — you can run your business more efficiently. Easily meet local and regional business requirements with support across 37 countries and 42 languages out of the box.

  • Close books faster
  • Simplify global financial management
  • Increase profits
  • Improve cash flow

Native eCommerce channel

Streamline your business with everything you need to build and run digital commerce that scales to your needs across traditional and emerging channels.

  • Create engaging and intelligent digital storefronts
  • Connected marketing and commerce platform
  • Centralized management of content, assets, promotions, inventory, and pricing across channels
  • Streamline your business with an end-to-end commerce solution
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Empower Call Center Agents

In Dynamics 365 Commerce, a call center is configured as a type of retail channel that provides a user-friendly customer service application.

  • Easily locate customer accounts and related orders
  • Empower customer service staff to answer common order-related questions
  • Printed catalog response tracking capabilities
  • Call center orders are also leveraged by the POS supporting cross-channel fulfillment
  • Supports direct-to-consumer transaction processing

Retail replenishment, out of the box

At the core of every successful retailer is a very good supply chain with intelligent inventory replenishment across stores. With Sunrise 365, you can add on this functionality to Dynamics 365 Commerce, without the hassle and cost of implementing another standalone system.

  • Includes a configurable inventory replenishment engine
  • Requires no integrations with the built-in POS
  • Minimal integrations to an external POS solution
  • Embedded insights and business intelligence throughout
Inventory Replenishment for Dynamics 365 Commerce

Cloud Intelligence Ties Back to
Every Purchase, Every Product, Every Interaction

Today's digitally savvy customers expect you to provide uninterrupted experiences no matter where they shop. In order to deliver this, you need a 360-degree view of every customer to unify and personalize that experience across every channel. Only one retail cloud software platform can do all this and more...and exceptionally well with Microsoft's superior intelligence capacities.

Embedded Intelligence

Beyond native reporting and workspaces, you can extend with the Power Platform and recommend products based on an AI engine

Artificial Intelligence

Build loyalty, reduce customer churn, and grow revenue with AI-driven insights across customers, products, market, and sales (better with Dynamics but also standalone)

Fraud Protection

Save more (and earn more) than you ever thought possible by detecting fraudulent transactions with greater accuracy and reducing friction for good buyers

Connected Store

Empower in-store employees to provide optimal shopping experiences through triggered alerts based on real-time data from video cameras and IoT sensors.


Built as a single solution (or as standalone apps), Dynamics 365 Commerce is a comprehensive omni-channel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, and digital experiences to personalize customer engagement and improve operations.

  • Centralized database
  • Product catalog
  • Promotions
  • Loyalty and gift receipts
  • Quotes and sales transactions
  • Any device
  • Clienteling
  • Branded interface
  • Connected wishlists
  • Omnichannel order history
  • Curate personalized catalogs
  • User or device licensing
dynamics 365 commerce retail pos
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Point of Sale
  • Native eCommerce channel
  • Centralized digital asset management
  • Geo search insights
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell
  • AI product recommendations
  • Connected store
  • IoT intelligence
  • Product insights
  • Responsive eCommerce
  • No-code and low-code page editors
  • Built-in marketing landing page editors
  • Pricing, Promotions, and Loyalty
  • Works with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
  • Integrated call center channel
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty
  • Customer transaction processing
  • Pricing and Coupons
  • Print catalog tracking
  • Connected to online and in-store
  • Catalog workflows and audiences
  • Order holds
  • Basic fraud checks
  • Works with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection


When you select Dynamics 365 Commerce and Sunrise, you’re not just getting cloud retail software out of the box (with everything you need to connect eCommerce with stores so customers can buy, pickup, and return any way they want). You’re receiving an unrivaled blend of supply chain and retail experience, best practices, industry solutions, and global support. We're a full-service Microsoft Partner, that can help you enable AI product recommendations, intelligent cross-sell revenue boosters, and centralized digital asset management.

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