Why Upgrade?

Are you running Dynamics AX 2012, 2009, or older?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not a total overhaul—it’s based on AX 2012 R3 with some enhancements. The jump from older versions will offer significant gains (and some customizations may now be standard). An upgrade from any version can break down the silos between ERP and CRM and opens the door to a cloud transformation that can increase business agility.

Do you need to upgrade Dynamics from CRM, NAV, GP, or SL?

Dynamics 365 offers a fantastic solution for Microsoft customers who have already invested in CRM, Navision, Great Plains, or Solomon. For companies looking to invest in future growth, Dynamics 365 lets you start where you want and grow into the features and named users at your own pace.


Support for Dynamics AX has ended. Future-proof your investment by starting the path forward with Dynamics 365. Once you make the move, you'll save time and money with ongoing maintenance and always stay fresh with incremental updates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Dashboard


Bring It All Together

ERP and CRM join forces with deep integrations to Office 365 and Microsoft cloud apps. Leverage productivity and collaboration tools to improve the way you work.

Save Time

Mobilize your business, adapt, and always stay current. The cloud lets you access your data on any device, so you can make decisions fast and leapfrog your competition.

Save Money

Reduce IT costs and save money in the long run. Reduce spending on hardware, integrations, and maintenance by moving from old on-premises infrastructure.


Everything has been designed to be simpler and more efficient in the cloud, with an experience that works beautifully with Office 365. Considering the power, flexibility, security, and peace of mind you could gain from an upgrade to Dynamics 365, we’d advise you to consider making the move sooner rather than later. There most likely won’t be a better, more cost-effective opportunity. Hear what the founder of Sunrise, John Pence, has to say about the intelligent cloud in this video.

Leverage New Functionality
Reduce Customizations
Reduce Hardware Costs
Mobilize Your Business
Build on an Elastic Platform
Deploy & Adapt to Change Faster
Built-in Intelligence and Analytics
Migration & Upgrade Tools


Getting started with Dynamics 365 is simple. The cloud lets you start where you want and scale into the features and users you'll need in the future. By taking the first step on your journey with Dynamics, you can easily and affordably transition your business onto a new intelligent, cloud-based solution — implemented by a partner who knows your industry. Only Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft cloud have all the pieces you need to future-proof your business.

An illustration of all the applications included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of products and supportive solutions from Azure and Microsoft Office.

Always up to date.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) and a completely overhauled cloud model, everything from automated updates to code merging and testing is easier than you think. Your employees stay productive and you never have to worry about your organization being out-of-date and without a clear upgrade path again. Dynamics 365 lets you run your business on the latest technology—forever.

Advanced analytics.

Built-in analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools make it easier to connect data, build beautiful dashboards, deploy enterprise apps, and uncover trends. All levels of your organization will be able to make more informed decisions around financial performance, channel performance, supply planning, sales, marketing, and much more.

ERP and CRM join forces.

Dynamics 365 and Dataverse bring Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, and Customer Service applications together in the cloud that works seamlessly with Office 365. For the first time in the industry, there is a solution that is breaking down the silos between ERP and CRM. By bringing ERP and CRM together, the cost savings and productivity gains are unmatched.

Unify commerce and business.

Dynamics 365 breaks down the silos between channels and makes getting work done as easy and familiar as using Office 365. Your customers will love the experience of true-omnichannel commerce. And your employees will love that transactional and productivity systems are connected in the cloud. Under the hood you'll find simplicity in a unified business logic, database, and common data model across applications, giving you a fully integrated platform to run your entire business.

Give employees their own space.

Workspaces bring tasks and KPIs to the center of everyone's workday—individualized for each role to help answer top job-related questions. With quick access to features (including fully customizable task guides you can record on the fly) and those gorgeous BI dashboards we mentioned earlier, they will love doing work at cloud speed. And we happen to love the global search function in the top navigation bar (oh, the little things that make life fabulous).

Secure mobility.

So long Remote Desktop...Dynamics 365 is a fully browser-based HTML5 client so you can access business-critical information on any device.  With the backend database running on SQL Azure, you automatically get high availability and disaster recovery services with geo-replication across multiple Azure data centers. That translates to security, affordability, and peace of mind. Not to mention, the Power Platform lets you dream up and deploy any number of apps to mobilize business data and processes.


We’re glad you asked. To put it simply: Sunrise is an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner for global consumer brands, manufacturers, and retailers. We've been deploying and supporting Dynamics AX since the beginning, so we can support that too. Our goal is to help you implement your great ideas. Add our proven track record to the power of Dynamics 365, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a winning combo.


Hear from John Pence, the President and Founder of Sunrise, about why we exist and how the solutions under the Sunrise 365® umbrella can benefit you.