Sunrise Technologies Introduces Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain

Introducing Sunrise 365 Smart Supply Chain

Feb 21, 2024

Sunrise Technologies now offers its soft allocation and order release solutions on Microsoft Azure in an ERP-agnostic solution.

Winston-Salem, N.C.Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sunrise Technologies, a global Microsoft business applications provider, is proud to announce Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain, combining its industry-leading IP into a single solution that manages orders through their full lifecycle regardless of the operational ERP system.

In the world of inconsistent supply lead times and rapidly changing customer and channel demands, Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain provides agility. Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain is built to drive supply chain resiliency by anticipating long-term inventory allocation needs, simulating intermediate fulfillment capabilities, and facilitating operational execution.

Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain encompasses two key capabilities: inventory allocation and order fulfillment. The Smart Allocation functionality calculates the optimal distribution of goods based on demand priority and time-phased supply, effectively mitigating unit shortages, maximizing revenue, and preventing excess inventory. Smart Order Release optimizes shipments by orchestrating different fulfillment policies tailored to specific channels and customers, all while adhering to service-level agreements.

The outcome of each workflow is presented in Power BI, enabling thorough analysis and swift, informed decision-making. Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain is the tool to create supply chain resiliency and turn inventory into cash.

“We recognized the need for a fast and light, but powerful solution for inventory planning and optimization,” said Brad Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at Sunrise Technologies. “Sunrise 365® Smart Supply Chain is ideal for organizations seeking a comprehensive allocation and order release tool.”

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