There’s a reason Dynamics AX stands out from the Tier 1 ERP crowd

It’s easy to use, with a modern UI and plenty of flexibility. And, as the flagship ERP solution from Microsoft—the world’s largest business application provider—it’s going to stay relevant. Today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road.

At Sunrise, we’re so confident in Dynamics AX, we’ve built our business around it and have been an exclusive consumer brands and retail partner since 2003. Now that’s a committed relationship!

Future-proof your infrastructure with Microsoft Dynamics AX. It’s the last ERP you’ll ever need.

Whether you’re consolidating disparate systems, updating an outdated solution, or have simply outgrown your legacy system, Sunrise can help give you a fresh start. Microsoft offers one solution with a single database that can run your entire business, seamlessly. It’s also easy to integrate with your current business solutions.

You’ll love Dynamics AX, no matter what role you play
in your business. Here’s why:

If you’re a CEO

So long, confining systems. Hello, peace of mind! With a single platform powered by Microsoft and enabled by Sunrise, you can grow your business faster into new product lines, channels, and global markets. Plus, embedded business intelligence will help all levels of the organization uncover fresh insights, empowering everyone to make faster, smarter decisions.

  • One global platform
  • Visibility and dashboards
  • Flexibility to change on a dime
CEOs love Microsoft Dynamics AX
If You're A CFO

When every supply chain transaction or retail sale instantly ties back to the general ledger, you’ll be able to see real-time profit and loss views across all stores, locations, brands, channels, and seasons—even when you’re dealing with multiple currencies and legal entities. You’ll also save on licensing fees and long-term maintenance expenses.

  • Global, real-time dashboards
  • Consolidated across divisions
  • Pay-as-you-go
CFO's will love Microsoft Dynamics AX
If you’re a COO

Chances are, you have a lot to manage. Luckily, Dynamics AX allows you to gain complete control and visibility over your entire supply chain. You’ll be able to manage your sourcing, production, distribution, and logistics centrally, whether you do it in-house or with a network of vendors.

You’ll also be able to identify and strengthen the weakest links of your supply chain to gain speed, reduce costs, and minimize inventory shortages and overages.

COOs love Microsoft Dynamics AX
If you’re a CIO

You’ll be able to help your organization better leverage existing investments in Microsoft technologies with a future-proofed infrastructure. You’ll also add mobile accessibility, reduce the pain of managing multiple disparate systems, and even remove yourself from the report-building equation. Phew!

  • One global platform
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved user adoption
CIOs love Microsoft Dynamics AX
If you’re an employee

Microsoft Dynamics AX will change the way you work—for the better. You’ll be able to keep everything you do during the day in one configurable, easy-to-use workspace. And, it works just as beautifully as Microsoft Office 365, so you can make updates in the office, on the road, or at home on any device you like.

  • Feels like Office and Outlook
  • Improved reporting and dashboards
  • Work from anywhere
Employees love Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX Consumer Packaged Goods Partner
Distribution Partner of the Year

We implement for a number of industries, including:

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