Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects are complex. They deeply affect the organization and require people to change their processes. We often see employees resist this change due to loss of control, the uncertainty of the new way, and concerns about their own competence. Your project's success depends on the organization fully endorsing the change in order to realize the full gains. Sunrise 365® Quick Start, a unique implementation methodology complete with cloud-based software tools, lays a roadmap for getting the work done quickly, and with quality, so users have more time to get know Dynamics 365.

The Ultimate Kickstart to Your Dynamics 365 Implementation or Upgrade

Sunrise 365® Quick Start is a unique implementation methodology combined with innovative project management tools. It packages decades of experience together to add instant value to your project. You'll hit the ground running with a rich content library of best practices, load-and-go data sets, and robust cloud-based project management tools. From day one, any organization that has manufacturing, distribution, and/or retail operations can start with a system that is ready for solution design and end the project with complete documentation of business processes. Your team will be able to save time and maximize project success.


  • Leverage key industry learnings from 25+ years of focused experience and 160+ deployments
  • Includes rich content library of industry specific process flow diagrams, prerecorded task guides, deployment checklists, and more
  • Start from a best practice process base like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, production, warehouse, and other common manufacturing, distribution and retail procedures
  • Start with an instance ready for solution design with pre-configured, load-and-go datasets for manufacturing, distribution, and retail
  • Reduce setup, migration, testing, and validation time with mappings and intelligent instance copying
  • Simplify the entire process of system setup, resulting in fewer normalized files
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based Life Cycle Services tool
  • Cloud access to project management tools and content for use by Sunrise and customer team members
  • Simplify engagements with Sunrise consultants during design sessions
  • Ensure quality standards are met throughout the implementation process
  • Measure project progress with task and milestone assignments and statuses
  • Follow a proven methodology that ensures your implementation stays on time and on budget
  • Uses proven industry best practice as basis for any change
  • Sprint driven analysis and design processes
  • Ensures early, gradual team exposure to best practices and software from day one
  • Uses customer data from day one to model change
  • Follow a comprehensive training plan for end users capped by through, structured CRPs


Whether you are implementing Dynamics 365 for the first time or upgrading Microsoft Dynamics AX to the latest release, we've got your back. As an award-winning Dynamics 365 Consumer Goods and Retail Partner, we know what it takes to make sure you get to the end of your project with results that far exceed your expectations.


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