We don’t have a crystal ball to tell you the future of your business. But we can tell you that your shipment of crystal rhinestones is going to be late, plus which customers, channels, and orders are most in need of immediate attention. That's the power of Supply Chain 365 exclusively from Sunrise — and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff.

Brands Don't Compete. Supply Chains Compete.

Building a Competitive Advantage with Control and Visibility in Dynamics 365

In a perfect world, your goods would get from point A to point B and beyond without a hitch, leading to happy customers and happy bottom lines. Alas, we don't live in a perfect world, which is why we created the Sunrise Supply Chain Solution. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition can already handle the global complexities of your industry like a pro, but when deployed with the our Supply Chain Solution, you get the added bonus of advanced forecast netting, omni-channel inventory optimization, soft allocation, and embedded business intelligence. These tools let you spot issues in the supply chain early so you can resolve them before they materialize.




  • Easily integrate with the forecasting tool of your choice to maximize existing investments

  • Improve pre-season and in-season planning to support the MRP process

  • Accurately state pre-season demand by combining forecasts with bulk order capabilities

  • Avoid overstating demand with advanced forecast netting and bulk order drawdown

  • Aid planners in the MRP process with an intuitive planning workbench

  • Prioritize order release by customer, channel, and order type, as well as other criteria such as order completion percentages and ship date windows

  • Gain precise control over supply chain behavior at the style, color, and size level

  • Simplify transaction management, product management, and industry compliance with color/size matrices and NRF codes

  • Achieve real-time supply chain visibility with built-in dashboards

  • Spot potential problems before they materialize with soft allocation and 'what if' scenarios

  • Make smarter purchase and production decisions and minimize inventory overages/shortages


Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with any forecast tool of your choice to aid in the MRP process. Our solution also supports bulk order pre-season demand that serves as a bridge between channel-level forecasts and the actual customer orders.



As actual demand starts entering the system through sales orders, the Sunrise Advanced Supply Chain Solution helps prevent demand from being overstated with forecast netting and bulk order draw down capabilities.



As inventory is ready to ship to fulfill sales orders, operational execution must be flawless. The automated order release process ensures this expectation is met with configurable order prioritization and release criteria based on order completion percentages and ship date windows.



Identify potential problems like missed delivery dates, POs causing delays, or projected post-season inventory overages/shortages before they happen and take corrective action with a bird’s eye view of your supply chain. Built-in dashboards and powerful soft allocation features help you gain early insight into common supply chain challenges days, weeks, and even months in advance.



As an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consumer Goods and Retail Partner, we know what it takes to make sure you get to the end of your project with results that far exceed your expectations.

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