One of our proudest accomplishments as a company is that we have completed over 100 successful go lives with Microsoft Dynamics AX. It’s fair to say you’d be hard pressed to find another partner with so many successful, industry-focused deployments. With all that experience under our belt, we’ve learned a few things along the way.

1. Work Hard. Be Honest. Be Nice to People. Ok, so maybe we started the business following these principles, but they are still our number one priority, and the single most important thing about our business. At the end of the day, implementations are people projects, not software projects. We’re incredibly conscious of the way we engage with people, the values of the companies we work with, and we’re asking people to make significant changes in the way they do business. It isn’t easy, and we respect that—because without that respect, projects fail.

2. Go in with a road map to success. Every implementation partner goes into a project with the goal of a successful go live—it just takes some folks longer to get there than others. We’ve meticulously studied and documented what it takes to not only go live on time and on budget, but also what documents and templates a company needs post-go live to ensure that they feel confident with the product after the implementation team has said their goodbyes. We call this toolkit QuickStart and we’ve found that, on average, it shaves about a month off of implementations. Pretty sweet, right?

3. Conference room pilots, conference room pilots, conference room pilots. We won’t pretend that CRPs are anyone’s idea of fun, but there’s a reason we insist on conducting at least three prior to going live—sometimes things go wrong! Successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX is walking a fine line between an art and a science. CRPs ensure that the kinks get out of the system well before the official go live.

4. Better to do one thing well than many things poorly. We often get asked why we don’t branch out into other solutions, verticals, or product lines. The answer is simple: Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best Tier One ERP system on the market today, and we’re the best at implementing it for apparel, footwear, home goods, and durable CPG brands. This intense focus and experience in these industries has led to an intimate understanding of the complex business processes that make them successful.

5. Stay in it for the long haul. Along the way to this milestone of over 100 successful go lives, we learned that sometimes customers may not have the in-house help they need after our consultants go home. We always knew that an implementation didn’t end at go live, but for a while, we didn’t have a process to manage that post-go live relationship. As an extension of our business values and principles (see numbers 1-4) we created Sunrise Global Support. Sunrise Global Support is…exactly what it sounds like. A global network of support personnel that is available 24x7 for any of our customers technical needs, because we know business never stops and glitches don’t wait for Monday.


We’ve learned a lot over the last 100 go lives—and we’re positive we’ll learn more as we keep going. Here’s to another 100 go lives and many more after that!