Do you have a single source or are you getting your data from different places? It is not uncommon to see businesses allowing local decision making to box them into a situation where they have lots of data but very little information. Businesses need to think about if they have a strategy for understanding their data, both locally and globally.

When your product is sold around the world do you have the information that you need? Are you having to chase down that data and sort it out? Businesses need an explicit strategy of how they are going to operate in a global model. That data needs to be streamlined so useful information can be gathered making it easier to make the best business decisions quickly.

A good place for a business to start is with Microsoft Dynamics AX (now known as the cloud based ERP and CRM solution called Microsoft Dynamics 365) and making sure they have an implementation and consulting team that knows their business. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise system that has a single source of data, that’s easy to use and allows for flexibility in your operations. Combine that with an industry expert that has a Microsoft Gold ERP Competency and you’re on the right track to getting the data you need and turning it into information you can use to make great business decisions.