Stakeholders at Alligator began searching for a new ERP system that could scale as they acquired new companies while minimizing expensive infrastructure costs. Alligator Holdings invests in advanced engineering, manufacturing, and environmental companies. As an organization that values innovation and speed, it was no surprise that Alligator stakeholders went searching for an ERP platform that could scale for the future. As early adopters of Dynamics 365 Commerce, Alligator Holdings uses both Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain and Commerce as a complete omnichannel solution for its group of companies.

When asked why they chose Dynamics 365 ERP and Commerce, the single platform was the main appeal. "With help from our partner Sunrise Technologies, we are confident that we can handle all of the potential growth of our most exciting new company, Qualified Water Systems, which sells a patented breakthrough brand of customizable, modular-based water purification and filtering products manufactured right here in the US" said Denise Stoffel, VP at Alligator Companies.

"We couldn't have done this project without Sunrise and Microsoft....As a growing organization, we're moving fast, and Dynamics 365 gives us everything we need to actually help us scale, not hold us back."

— Robert Berndt, Technical Architect at Alligator Holdings