ATLANCO® Extends the Value of Microsoft Dynamics AX with Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Visual Insights

Oct 14, 2014

Sunrise Technologies is pleased to announce another successful project with long-time Microsoft Dynamics AX and MicroStrategy BI customer, ATLANCO®, a leading supplier of military, law enforcement, and public safety products and apparel under the TRU-SPEC® AND 5IVE STAR® brands.

“The driving force behind this project was having accurate and graphical visibility into sales and customer information so all departments would be acting on the same data. We can now spot trends quickly and capitalize on those opportunities. Without a doubt, the gains have justified the investment,” says Andy Laurance, Director of IT, ATLANCO.

The Sunrise BI approach focuses on delivering value fast and frequently in a series of project waves lasting 6-8 weeks. Wave 1 focused on answering business questions that impacted the daily roles of executives, sales, customer service and even customers. With roll-based dashboards, business users and customers have access to intuitive, real-time, data discovery specific to their unique needs.

“We proved the value of business intelligence very fast and we are going to keep going. At all levels of the organization, people are showing excitement about what we can do with MicroStrategy and Sunrise BI,” said Laurance.

Wave 2 builds on the dashboards deployed in Wave 1 with various sales and cash flow projections, as well as reporting to measure distribution center performance. As the momentum grows and iteratively builds on earlier releases, visual insights will cross more data sources, provide predictive experiences, and even enable BI-driven workflows.

“This is where things get really exciting! With MicroStrategy, ATLANCO will be able to achieve true data-to-decision and decision-to-action going beyond the dashboards and analytics where other solutions end. They will soon be able to review, comment, approve—even feed transactions back into AX, allowing them to completely change how they do business,” says Brandon George, Director of Business Intelligence for Sunrise Technologies.