How Sunrise Technologies Used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Stay Productive in 2020

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Jan 21, 2021

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Despite the chaos and disruption caused by the pandemic, John Pence, president and founder of Sunrise Technologies, said the fact that the company is a cloud-based operation helped everyone continue to serve their customers without interruption.

“We had no idea this was going to happen. Everything suddenly shut, and yet we could just keep right on rolling. We were like a proof point all by ourselves. We are a 100 percent cloud operation internally. We use all Dynamics 365 products. We run all of our ERP operations on Dynamics 365. We use CRM for all of our sales and marketing as well as billing and time tracking. It proved out the value of the cloud in the sense of remote work.” —John Pence, president and founder, Sunrise Technologies

According to Pence, many of his customers significantly benefitted from being cloud-based organizations. “Being on a cloud architecture for their basic business transaction platforms absolutely enabled our customers to survive the pandemic,” Pence said. “Some of the capabilities of Dynamic 365, like distributor management, the ability to spin up virtual stores, the ability to virtually alter their supply chains, absolutely helped.”

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