Sunrise Technologies demonstrates textile expertise to provide Faribault Mills the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution

Jul 20, 2006

Sunrise Technologies, Inc. of Winston Salem, North Carolina announces today the addition of Faribault Mills Inc. to their Textile Industry clientele. Sunrise Technologies will deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system for the Minnesota based company. Faribault Mills is a fully-integrated manufacturer of blankets and throws, with facilities in Minnesota and South Carolina.

Faribault Mills, headquartered in Faribault, MN, is a home-textiles company that manufactures and sells blankets, throws, and other auxiliary products. The company produces blankets out of any fiber, including wool, cotton, corn-based Ingeo, and nanotechnology–based Outlast fiber; and it serves multiple distribution channels across all price points. Founded in 1865, the company is one of the last “fully vertical” woolen mills in the United States, and one of the largest producers of cotton blankets. For pioneering the production of Ingeo-based blankets, the company received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Sustainability, and it continues to be on the innovation forefront. Faribault Mills employs around 250 people across two manufacturing sites located in Faribault, MN and Westminster, SC and a retail store (also in Faribault, MN).

Lukas Pieter, CFO of Faribault Mills commented, “Being a fully-integrated textile mill with the need for rapid production across multiple product lines and several divisions, our company was looking for a robust, yet flexible system that would fit the unique requirements of a textile company. After researching numerous textile-specific ERP solutions, we approached Sunrise Technologies to help us implement one such system. In the end, however, based on the recommendation of the Sunrise team and our in-depth review of Microsoft Dynamics AX, we chose Dynamics AX over a textile-specific solution for its being far more flexible and technologically more advanced than any other system we had previously looked at. Textile expertise and experience of the Sunrise team proved to be beneficial in helping us choose the right system for our company and we look forward to partnering with them on implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX.”

“We are delighted to bring our textile industry experience to Faribault Mills,” says John Pence, President of Sunrise Technologies. “We believe that Microsoft Dynamics AX is a great fit for a vertically integrated textile manufacturer like Faribault Mills due to the product’s powerful manufacturing capabilities and inherent flexibility.”