Experiential Retail: PI Apparel Spotlight

Now is the time for forward-thinking retailers to win consumers’ hearts and loyalty, once again, as we readapt to this post-COVID era.  Together, we have an opportunity to reinvent the customer shopping experience and rely on data more than ever to ensure a seamless purchase experience for consumers and for store associates. In this spotlight presentation, join Brittany Coleman, Sunrise Technologies’ Industry Account Manager, and Sheila Bothwell, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Leader, US Corporate Business at Microsoft, for a discussion on the power and limitations of data. Together they will share insights on how to meaningfully differentiate your customer shopping experience, by reviewing:

  • Mapping the customer journey and path to purchase in a cookie-less world
  • Delivering a data-driven personalized customer experience across channels
  • Empowering Store Associates by providing a balance of relationship management and clienteling
  • Leveraging backend data to deliver a seamless, front-end experience